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The SCORE Letter Archives

(SCORE: Surry County Opioid Response Efforts)

from 2019-2020, Denise Krochta authored regular articles for local newspapers about addiction the opioid epidemic. She also hosted a podcast called "Addicted to Addicts." This page is an archive of those articles and podcasts.

Introduction to score

Surry county updates

Why you should care

what is treatment

why don't they just quit

what is an overdose

what to look for


Surry Treatment Options

What about the children

12 steps

Surry County Statistics


questions for treatment

lock your meds

Evolution of an Epidemic


harm reduction

grief support groups

Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101:

All episodes of this podcase are available on Web talk radio, owltail, luminary podcasts, and other sites, and can be accessed through the embedded site below:

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