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SCOSAR Prevention Plan 2022-2024

The document titled “Prevention Plan 2022-2024” is intended to serve as a summary of recent

needs assessment and planning steps performed by SCOSAR with a unique prevention lens. This document should be viewed in conjunction with the All Stars Prevention Substance Use intervening Variable and Interventions Planning Report published in June and July 2022. The All Stars document when viewed together provides an excellent overview of primary prevention efforts planned for Surry County stemming from the SCOSAR Office and the All Stars Coalition Group. Chart #1 below provides a graphical representation of the holistic assessment and planning process achieved by SCOSAR and the All Stars Coalition Group.

SCOSAR Prevention Plan Plan September 2022
Download PDF • 1.70MB
1. SCOSAR Office Prevention Plan Life Cycle 2022
Download PDF • 88KB
2. All Stars Life Cycle August 2022
Download PDF • 74KB
3. Prevention Shared Interventions
Download PDF • 54KB

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