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Recovery Friendly Workplace Publication

Results of the Recovery Friendly Workplace Survey are due in large part due to efforts of the Northwest Piedmont Recovery to Work Regional Learning Academy sponsored by the Development District Association of Appalachia[1].

Due to the successful work of the Cohort Learning Academy Core Team subsequently a Northwest NC Opioid/Substance Use Collaborative was created to ensure long term program sustainability of efforts. The Northwest NC Opioid/Substance Use Collaborative is comprised of multiple groups and agencies operating across several counties from the High Country to the Piedmont in North Carolina. The group formed with a shared vision to create a sustained impact to increase access and opportunities across the region for the SUD population. The group meets to share best practices, leverage key resources, and build capacity to engage with regional stakeholders across treatment facilities, employers, local governments and non-profit organizations.

A Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFWP) program is an employer-based effort that enables employees with substance use disorder (SUD) to stay employed during their recovery. RFW programs destigmatize addiction, connect employers with training and resources, and have a positive economic impact for the employer through better employee retention, better productivity, and less turnover.

The goal of the survey was to help determine employer interest, capacity, and ability to support workplace focused substance use prevention and recovery activities within Northwest North Carolina. The survey was intended for the audience of stakeholders and leaders in the for profit and nonprofit employment sectors.

The full document can be found on this post.

RFWP Survey Final Copy May 19 2022
Download PDF • 2.03MB

[1] To learn more about the Development District of Appalachia visit:

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