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All- Stars Prevention Substance Use Intervening Variable and Interventions Planning Report

The purpose of this publication is to fully define the All-Stars Prevention Group. The group’s mission and vision statement, membership instructions and current capacity, as well as short and long-term goals are part of the information contained herein. A listing of the members of the Leadership Board of the All-Stars Prevention Group, along with work they have completed.

There is full disclosure of the assessment and prioritization work the All-Stars Prevention Group completed in the Surry County community. The All-Stars Prevention Group concentrates on work normally handled by a community coalition and is doing the slow work of becoming just that. This document explains the basics of a coalition, why they are so important to a community and some of the work they do as it pertains to substance use disorder.

The report contains information related to the prioritization of intervening variables within Surry County. Intervening variables are those root causes of substance use and addiction within our community as prioritized by the All-Stars Prevention Group Leadership Board. Each section is unique and was driven by needs assessment data completed by the Surry County Office of Substance Abuse Recovery. It is truly reflective of national, state, and local data while achieving a high level of cultural awareness based on the unique needs of our community.

All Stars Prioritzation Document 08.05.2022
Download PDF • 800KB

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